How to Get ✅Verified on 🐦Twitter

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

First, you need to be a person of public interest😎 (you need to have a following other than your ❤mum👵🏻). 🐦Twitter has started taking applications from 👥users who wish to verify✅ their account. As part of your application you’ll need to send your birthdate🎂, phone number📞, a copy of a government-issued ID🎫, & you need to have your photo as a profile pic📷. You may ask, ‘All that effort for a tiny blue check next to your name?🤔’ You’re not thinking like a celebrity, mate. If you’re some big-shot😎, people may want to impersonate you🤓, & they do, a lot🤓🤓🤓. Having that little blue tick✅ makes a 🌐world of a difference when your fans😍 are looking for you & you want to continue to be famous. Currently, there are 187,00 ✅verified accounts on 🐦Twitter, out of the 310 M 👥users it boasts, making the blue check exclusive & rather coveted🏆.

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