IAF✈ Planned ‘Deep Strike’🎯 During Kargil🗻

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By Fråst🐺

During the 1999 🗻Kargil 💥conflict with 🇵🇰Pakistan, the 🇮🇳 Indian Air Force (IAF) planned to bomb strategic 🎯targets inside 🇵🇰Pakistan & the Navy⚓ had similar plans for 🇵🇰Pakistan’s harbours. However, the then NDA🔸 government, led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, never made the orders👏. In fact, the cabinet committee clearly instructed the IAF✈ not ❌ to cross the Line of Control (LoC) under any circumstances, even after they asked for permission to do so. This was in accordance with 🇮🇳 India’s intent that the 💥conflict shouldn’t turn into a war💥. The restraint😓 actually allowed the 🇺🇸US to pressure 🇵🇰Pakistan to withdraw from Kargil🗻. the IAF had already prepared 🇮🇳 Indian fighter pilots for a deep strike inside 🇵🇰Pakistan. They were given revolvers🔫 & 🇵🇰Pakistani currency to escape, as it’s possible that they would be shot down over 🇵🇰Pakistan. They even wrote letters💌 home if they failed to return from the missions😢.

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