👩Melania Trump's Plagiarism Scandal📹https://goo.gl/ock9AB

  |   Hollywood / India News

The speech🎙 of Melania Trump👩, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention has raised eyebrows. Melania's speech had swiped several lines😮 from Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic convention in 2008. Melania had earlier claimed that she wrote✍ the speech with as little help as possible😐. Minutes after her speech, Twitter🐦 was abuzz with quotes and video comparisons of the speeches of Michelle & Melania. However, Trump campaign senior communications advisor released a statement📄 that explained that while writing her 'beautiful speech', Melania's team of writers took notes📝 on her life's inspirations. Her immigrant experiences and love for America🇺🇸 were reflected in her speech which apparently made it a success🙌.
Click here to watch the comparison of the 2⃣ speeches and judge for yourselves📹https://goo.gl/ock9AB

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