Muslim☪ Forced to Thrash👊 Dalits😕

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

Recently 9⃣ people were arrested for assaulting Dalits in Una, Gujarat. A 17-yr-old Muslim☪ boy was among the arrested for the assault. However, his father said that the boy was forced😨 to hit the Dalits to prove that Muslims☪ were with the 🐄cow vigilantes👺. He said🔉, “I had sent my son out to buy bananas from a shop near the bus station. But as he reached there, Pramodgiri Goswami & others came there in their car & pulled the four Dalits out of the vehicle & tied them to the car.” 😯He went on to explain that 🔉“others in the ‘gau rakshak’ group asked him to take a turn to beat up the Dalits & thereby show that Muslims also stood against cow slaughter. Despite my son’s hesitation, Pramodgiri thrust a strip in his hands & exhorted him to beat up the Dalits.” The father👨🏽 also said that he had video📹 evidence to prove his statement. 😓

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