Protests💪 Outside KFC🍗 Outlets in China🇨🇳

  |   India News

The Permanent Court of Arbitration⚖ ruled last week that there is no❌ legal basis for 🇨🇳China's claims to rights in the South China Sea🌊 (SCS) to which Beijing has turned😏 a blind eye. China also warned😡 USA and other rival⚔ nations to not involve in the SCS dispute💥. In the wake of this issue, Chinese people👨 have started protests💪 outside American fast-food chain🍗 KFC. According to Chinese news website💻 Sohu News , protesters have gathered outside the KFC outlets in 😱several cities, including Hangzhou—the city 😯that will host the G-20 summit in September📅. One of the red🔴 banners carried by the agitators read👉: “You are eating KFC from the U.S., and losing the face of our ancestors”.
Beijing will have to find a way🤔 to check the rising nationalist👊 feeling among it citizens since the Chinese economy💸 is facing a downward⬇ pressure. The country should remain open😀 to foreign enterprises to tackle its economic worries😟.

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