Rahul✋ Caught Sleeping😴 in 🏛Parliament⁉

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Rahul Gandhi✋ has once again been accused😱 of sleeping😴 in Parliament. Television📺 cameras showed Rahul with his eyes closed when the debate😡 about the recent attacks💥 in Gujarat was going on. Some Congress leaders told that the party Vice-President was only checking👀 his inbox📱. Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury said🔈, "It is hot outside, so people usually go inside the parliament which has air-conditioning and therefore close their eyes to relax."
Meanwhile, BSP leader Mayawati👩 claimed that it was definitely☝ a nap. She further added that Mr Gandhi's 😳dosing off rightly shows his party's attitude😞 towards Dalits. She pointed out👉 that the Congress party failed😧 to raise the Gujarat issue💥 in the Parliament🏛 despite being the Opposition💪 at both the Centre and in the state😟. Interestingly🤔, Rahul's issue has come up at a time🕐 when he is set to visit✈ Una, the epicentre of the Dalit protests👊 in Gujarat.

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