👳🏽Sidhu’s Wife: No❌ Choice but to Join AAP

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Navjot Singh 👳🏽Sidhu hasn’t said much🔇 after his stoic resignation from the Rajya Sabha. There were 👀rumours about him joining AAP, but 👨🏽Kejriwal said that though he praises 👳🏽Sidhu’s move, no such plans about him joining as a candidate for CM have been made. ✋Congress chief Amarinder Singh said that 👳🏽Sidhu is welcome to join them. However, 👳🏽Sidhu’s wife, Navjot Kaur 👳🏽Sidhu did have something to say. "I think he (👳🏽Sidhu) has very clearly suggested what he is going to do & in the coming days let him come out with this (his future plans). He has said that he wants to serve Punjab & there is no choice except serving from Aam Aadmi Party," Kaur, said. Kaur also believed that 👳🏽Sidhu would be a perfect CM with his spiritual🙏 nature & desire to lead the people👥. Regarding her own place in the 🔸BJP, she said that she wishes to remain true to her promises & until 👳🏽Sidhu makes a decision she will remain with the 🔸BJP.

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