G👀gle’s DeepMind💡 Saves Energy⚡

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

Forget playing complex games, G👀gle’s DeepMind is finally being used in practical applications – in their very own data centres🗄. Data centres demand a lot of ⚡power which depend on weather & even demand, all of which tend to fluctuate📊 continually. G👀gle has now been applying its machine learning💡 to the problem & has built a model for its AI to monitor🔎 all these factors. They then let DeepMind💡 on a live data centre & found that the overall energy use for cooling❄ the data centres dropped down by 40% & actually remained there😳! The system will obviously be applied to other data centres🗄 so that G👀gle can brag about it later.

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