✌Modi-Trump🐷 Alliance Promoted in 🇺🇸US

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Republican🐘 leader & former Speaker of the 🇺🇸US House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, made a fantastic comment during a 👥meeting organised by the Republican Hindu🕉 Coalition. He said that “Donald Trump (as president) would be a very tough defender of the United States. Prime Minister Modi is a very tough defender of India. Both understand that they are trying to achieve things for their own countries & getting to the deal.” He said that both PM ✌Modi & 🐷Trump know how to negotiate🗣 & self-confident😎, “the would both enjoy each other.” He said that ✌Modi was a career politician & a successful advocate for entrepreneur & free enterprise in 🇮🇳 India & pointed out to his “record” in Gujarat calling it a “remarkable thing.” He said🔉, “Here you have the world's largest democracy & the world's most powerful democracy coming together,” which is vital to the future of 🌏Asia & to the 🌐world.

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