Not❌ Zika☠ But Flu A 😳Higher Risk😱

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Rio Olympics🏅 has been marred by the fear😱 of Zika virus☠. Several prominent⭐ players have withdrawn😞 from the games fearing the spread of the virus. But the chances 🤔of getting Zika is far lower⬇ than getting influenza. In fact, flu has a high😧 risk and is the most urgent😯 of all potential health problems in Rio🎉. It is because that the summer Olympics will be during 👉the flu season in Brazil . The chances of spreading water💧 contaminated diseases are also higher☝. Even Gastrointestinal infections caused by everything from food🍚 poisoning to norovirus, salmonella⛔, E. coli, and Campylobacter possess threat😕 and are considered as a 😒moderate risk.

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