Pokémon🔴 Go G👀gle Maps🗺 Hack

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By Fråst🐺

Pokémon🔴 Go fans, pay attention! Developer Ahmed Almutawa👓 alleges that he is able to take out the raw data from the game📱 & lay it across G👀gle Maps! This will show the 👤user the locations of all Pokémon🔴 gyms, items & Pokéstops. Ahmed posted his findings on Reddit & GitHub. However, 👥users need to follow detailed instructions📝 & do a little coding to actually make this work. Fortunately, Ahmed said that he’s working to make a more 👤user-friendly app for 👥users without having to code anything. Obviously, this is a hack & be warned⚠, the game developers might block🚫 the tool.

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Original Image Credit📷: Google maps