🇺🇸Republican Presidential Nominee👤 -Trump🐷

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

It is official❗ Highly divisive US leader Donald Trump🐷 is the new Republican party nominee✅ for the US Presidential elections🗳 later this year. Trump easily earned the support of 1237 delegates👍 needed to capture the nomination though there were sporadic boos at the event directed at him😱. There were contentious scenes at the party conference after many states alleged that their votes for Trump's rivals were not counted😣. Alabama senator Jeff Simpson put Trump's name up for the nomination and mentioned🔈, "Donald Trump is the singular leader that can get this country back on track.👏"

The event was also marred by the speech🎙 from Trump's wife, Melania, which was found to have been plagiarised🙆 from Michelle Obama's speech in 2008.

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