💪Salman's Flight✈ Fiasco😂

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

💪Salman Khan somehow missed 2⃣ consecutive flights✈ to Mumbai this week. He was booked on a 9.55 Jet Airways flight on Monday morning☀ and he missed it as he was delayed en route to the airport. His team asked the crew to proceed with the schedule and not wait for the actor. He then booked onto a 2⃣nd flight✈ a Vistara and missed that too😶, arriving at the check-in counter just as the aircraft was pushing back😖. A spokesperson for Vistara stated that the 'Sultan' actor took it in good humour and laughed the incident off😃. Salman had apparently remarked on what a bad start week it was to miss two flights in one morning😂.
He was 3rd time lucky as he successfully boarded the next flight👏 in the afternoon and made it to Mumbai.

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Original Image Credit:https://goo.gl/TX3ATG