👵🏻Sonia Criticises NDA🔸 Over J&K

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

On Wednesday, ✋Congress President 👵🏻Sonia Gandhi criticised PM ✌Modi’s government for destabilising & polarising society👥 & the constitution. She said that the government’s opaqueness⚫ in decision-making & promotion of cronyism😈 has darkened its integrity. She spoke about the unrest💥 in J&K & said that the recent events in the Valley were tragic😰 & said that the militants must be dealt with firmly. She said🔉, “Yet we must ask ourselves what has driven scores of young people to such levels of anger & protest — even violence. Can we say in all honesty that we have responded with sincerity to their pleas? They are our people; we cannot forsake them.” She👵🏻 said that the previous UPA✋ Govt. made a serious effort👊 to open & sustain dialogue🗣, but the current one doesn’t😕.

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