💬WhatsApp Back in 🇧🇷Brazil… For Now

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By Fråst🐺

💬WhatsApp which was recently blocked🚫 in 🇧🇷Brazil for the third time in 2⃣ years was finally unblocked. This time the block🚫 lasted a few hours as 🏤Supreme Court Judge Ricardo Lewandowski lifted the blockage saying that the lower court’s judgement was disproportionate😑 unreasonable🙄. The 🏤Supreme Court said🔉, “The suspension of service apparently violates the fundamental precept of freedom of expression & communication.” Oh, well, strike for 💬WhatsApp. Maybe governments around the 🌐world will figure out some better alternatives than to 🚫ban an app which is doing the right thing in not infringing on our privacy🔓.

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