😎Aamir's Badass🤘 Rocker Look😯

  |   Aamir Khan / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

There hasn’t been much material📹📷 shared regarding 😎Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Dangal’🎥. So far we’re seen the poster & his muscle look🏋, but recently a new avatar of 😎Aamir in the movie has been leaked💧. 😎Aamir was seen wearing a black hoodie, sleeveless black t-shirt👕 & ⚪silver earrings. To add to that, he had a bunch of rings🔘 & wristbands, & do we spot a little black eyeshadow👁? Well, he’s definitely putting on a rocker’s🤘 look, but we’re not sure where this is going either.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS