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+263...3⃣ how can someone release the attachment of old relationship

+234...5⃣ how to get over ex ​

Dear +263...3⃣ & +234...5⃣,

I'm sure the biggest ❓question in your mind is 'When am I going to be OK?'. The terrible feeling you have will pass more quickly if you follow these tips:

📵Cut off all contact- I mean ALL contact with your ❌Ex. None of this 'lets be friends' 💩‼️
␡Delete your ❌Ex's contact info from your phone. 🚫Block his/her number too.
🖥 Block your ❌Ex on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp etc.
😭Don't bottle up your emotions. You've got to let them out to be strong again. Go with the flow.
⛔️Don't blame yourself for the end of the relationship. Just accept that it is over and don't ask ❓WHY any more. Exact causes will never be known.
👯 Rediscover the best bits of being single. Enjoy thinking about yourself and not worrying about keeping another person happy.
⏲It's OK to feel crappy. Take your time. Ignore unhelpful advice. Remember there's no set time to get over an ❌Ex.

You may not see it now, but you'll emerge a 💪 stronger 👌better version of yourself without a person who does not love you back.


Duta Didi

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