Messi⭐ Retirement😞 Good👌 For Barca⁉

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⭐Lionel Messi's decision to quit❌ his international career has broken many hearts💔 around the world. His fans🙌 in and outside Argentina have pleaded🙏 him to reconsider the decision. But Barcelona's coach👔 Luis Enrique has a different 😳take on the issue. He said that it is not 😀bad for Barcelona🔵 since Messi won't be going on international✈ duties which will be giving him plenty of time to rest. However, Enrique noted👉 that the Argentine made the announcement📢 after a difficult😔 time and that there has not been an🤔 official confirmation. "He said that after a difficult time, after losing a final. So he still needs to confirm whether or not he part of the international team. As a football fan, I would like to keep watching him play for Argentina. But as Barcleona's head coach.... Let's see what happens," Enrique 🔈said.

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