Poll Results📊: Is Paul Pogba⭐ Worth £100m❓

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Even as Paul Pogba⭐ nears a world record move back to Manchester United♦, the fans are divided on whether United are grossly overpaying for him💰. Duta's readers feel that while Pogba is not worth such a hefty sum😏, his signing will be a statement of intent👍. But a very small group of people feel that the Frenchman is worth all that money🙆.

The result for the poll is: (Result in percent)

5⃣1⃣: He is not worth that amount😯, but United are signing a brilliant player🤔.

2⃣9⃣: £100m❓ What a joke😂. He's not worth half that amount.

1⃣0⃣: Inflated markets are to be blamed😏.

1⃣0⃣: Yes, he is worth that amount. He's the best CM there is⭐.

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