Qandeel’s👸🏻 Parents in Pain😫

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By Fråst🐺

Qandeel Baloch’s👸🏻 parents have recently opened up about the pain they suffered😭 after their son & Qandeel’s brother, Wasim, murdered🔪 her last week. Her father, Muhammad Azeem said that his son should be 🔉“shot on sight.” Her mother explained that her son had lost his mind👺 after being taunted about his sister’s racy👙 posts online. Mrs Azeem also said that they drank milk🍶 mixed with sedatives💊 & were asleep when Qandeel was killed☹. When she found her daughter’s body🔉, “her whole face was covered in bruises, her tongue was black, her lips were black.” Qandeel, 26, became 🇵🇰Pakistan’s first social media celebrity😎 & was a household name. She is one of the many – more than 500 – women👩🏻 who are killed in 🇵🇰Pakistan annually by their own relatives💔 on the grounds of ‘honour’🙄.

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