Scientists👓 Reverse↪ Menopause😳‼

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By Fråst🐺

Greek🇬🇷 Scientists have presented a study in the European🌐 Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology’s annual 👥meeting in 🇫🇮Finland where they claim to be able to reverse menopause😳. The Athens 👓scientists claim to be able to ‘rejuvenate’ a woman’s ovaries🍳 using a blood treatment💉 which is normally used to heal wounds💢 faster. The tests have been successfully carried✅ out on a 40-year-old woman👩🏻 who went through menopause 5⃣ years ago. They used platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to activate the growth of tissue & blood vessels🤔. The procedure seems to repair damaged bones💀 & muscles💪 by stimulated tissue regeneration. The PRP was injected💉 into the ovaries of the post-menopause women & found that it restarted💡 their menstrual cycles🚲 & periods. They’ve also been able to collect & fertilise eggs🍳 from the women. However, they’ve not yet implanted any of the eggs🍳 yet.

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