Search🔎 for Flight 370✈ to be Suspended😞

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The search for Malaysia Airlines✈ Flight 370 will be suspended✋ after the current search area in the Indian Ocean🌊 has been 🔎scoured. 🔈"In the absence of new evidence, Malaysia, Australia and China have collectively decided to suspend the search upon completion of the 120,000-square kilometre (46,300-square mile) search area, " said the Malaysian Transport Minister, 👔Liow Tiong Lai. The minister conceded that the likelihood of finding the aircraft is diminishing😞 and that credible new info which can identify the specific location of the aircraft can only determine the next course of action.
The Boeing 777✈ vanished in March 2014 while on flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. $135 million💰 has been spent on the search , the most expensive in aviation history😮. A wing flap washed up on La Reunion Island off the African coast a year ago.
Experts believe that Boeing 777 turned west and then south before dropping into the Indian Ocean, west of Australia🇦🇺.

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