Search🔎 is On For IAF AN-32🛩

  |   India News

An Indian Air Force AN-32 transport plane🛩 carrying 29 people(6⃣ crew members, 8⃣civilians and 11 air force personnel, 2⃣ army and 1⃣ navy personnel and a Coast Guard member) is still missing😟 after it took off from Port Blair this morning. Over 12 Navy & Coast Guard ships⛴ along with a submarine are looking for the aircraft in the Bay of Bengal🌊. It is believed that it may have plunged from an altitude of 23,000 feet😱. The courier flight left Tambaram air base(Chennai) at 8:30 am🕗 and should've reached the destination on 11:45. The plane fell off the radar at 9.12 am, 280 km east of Chennai. 5⃣ surveillance aircrafts including a Dornier has been on the hunt. The NDRF are also helping out the Air Force, Navy & Coastguard to locate the aircraft.

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