Semenya's⭐ Gender Issue💥 Raised Again😯

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The marathon🏃 world record holder, Paula Radcliffe👩 has claimed that Caster Semenya's✌ presence in the women's 800m race in the Rio 🏅Olympic would not be fair. Semenya has been dominating👍 the 800m event this year by a fair margin🤔. In 2009 the athlete underwent a 😳gender test after her victory✌ at the IAAF World🌏 Championships. But she was cleared to compete👌 again in 2010. However, the results😯 of the gender test has never been released and Radcliffe⭐ points out that this is an issue💥. “When we talk about it in terms of (to) fully expect no other result than Caster Semenya to win that 800m then it’s no longer sport and it’s no longer an open race,” said🔈 Radcliffe.

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