Sikh-American🇺🇸 Prays🙏 ‘Ardas’ Over 🐘GoP📹:

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Sikh-American🇺🇸 Harmeet Dhillon, 47, vice-chairwoman of the California 🐘Republican Party opened the second day of the national convention with a Sikh prayer🙏, the ‘ardas’. Dhillon, a lawyer⚖, was born in Chandigarh, 🇮🇳 India & emigrated to England🇬🇧 & later to 🌃New York with her parents. Dhillon made the prayer after the American pledge of allegiance✋ & the national anthem🗣 & right before Donald 🐷Trump was officially nominated as the 🐘Republican’s presidential candidate.
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However, when Sajid Tarar, the founder of the 🇺🇸American Muslims☪ for 🐷Trump group, made a prayer, some in the audience shouted🗣 “No Islam,” many walked out😐. Sajid justifies his allegiance to 🐷Trump saying “When Donald Trump has said something about Muslims & Islam, he doesn’t mean American Muslims, he’s talking about terrorists.”

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