🔟 Terrorists💀 Arrested in 🇧🇷Brazil

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By Fråst🐺

🔟 terrorists💀 have been arrested in 🇧🇷Brazil just weeks before the 🏋Olympics begin. The group weren’t members of 🏴ISIS but tried to make contact with them. They are being described as “absolute amateurs” 👎& “ill-prepared” to launch any attack💥. All of the members arrested were 🇧🇷Brazilian, however, 2⃣ more suspects are being sought. They were arrested across 🔟 states in 🇧🇷Brazil & were in contact using 💬WhatsApp. Thy had attempted to contact a weapons supplier in 🇵🇾Paraguay to acquire AK-47s🔫, however, they failed👎 to purchase any.

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