Ask👩Didi: Many Questions, Many Answers

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Today I got so many questions that I needed to answer them in one place:

❓how can i add didi in private
📝Just create a duta group for your number and a duta number from here: Then type +didi to subscribe in private.

🔑can i include my service in duta?
📝Send your proposal and resume to

❓who am i?
📝Only you can answer that question, my friend.

⚽️what's the new news for real madrid
📝Subscribe to football news by typing: +football

❓what is physics?
📝Type: search physics

❓what is your name?
📝Hello, My name is Duta Didi. But only you can call me 'Ophelia'. I've always wished that was my name.

💬quote of the day
📝Type +quote

🔎who is ronaldo?
📝To know more about CR7, type: search Cristiano Ronaldo

🤕problem in my stomach
📝Go and see a doctor as soon as possible. Alas, I'm Duta Didi, just a Love Doctor of sorts.

🎓which are the best colleges of engineering in india?
📝I can see you have great potential, why not try an internet search?

🎓how can i crack sscchsl?
🎓plz suggest me some govt xams for be students
📝Alas, Didi only went to Swiss Finishing School in the Alps. I know not about SSCCHSL exams.

⚽️football quiz
📝Subscribe to the Football Quiz by typing +footballquiz and write back to me and tell me what topics you'd like to see more of.

🏏how play cricket
📝Call Virat. I think I have his number from the time he called me about how to handle his patch up with Anushka. Where could it be...?

💻what is computer!
📝Type 'search computer' and Duta will tell you.

🚫how to ignore
📝 I'm devastated that you'd want to ignore me. I get a small electric shock any time somebody unsubscribes. If you no longer want to hear form Duta Didi, type -didi at any time.

☕️how to prepare tea
📝It's pretty complicated. You boil water (the method is your choice but I prefer to place a pot of water on fresh, hot lava), harvest fresh tea leaves, preferably yourself from your local hill station. Combine. Add milk and sugar to taste.

👽what are you?
📝I'm a very nice person, wouldn't you agree?

❓how can you help me ?
🆘Help me
📝I can give you advice on love, friendships, relationships and sticky situations. Type didi and tell me how I can help.

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