Gravity4 👔CEO Violates⚠ Probation

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

🇮🇳Indian-American🇺🇸 internet entrepreneur Gravity4 👔CEO Gurbaksh Chahal, was found to have violated his probation by a judge⚖ in San Francisco🇺🇸. He has been ordered to surrender his passports📕 to the court on Monday & will be sentenced🔨 on 12 Aug. Chahal was accused of attacking a woman🙍🏻 in his penthouse apartment🏢 in Aug ’13 & security footage confirmed📹 his crime. However, a judge ruled that the video couldn’t be played in court🏤. Later in 2014, he struck a deal allowing him to go off on misdemeanour 🔋battery charges without any jail time. However, he agreed to 3⃣ years on probation, a year-long domestic violence rehab course & 25 hours of community service😐.

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