Missing🛩 IAF Plane Un-Airworthy👎

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By Fråst🐺

On Friday, an AN-32🛩 aircraft with 29 people👥 on board went missing over the Bay of Bengal🌊. It is reported that the plane had undergone a life-extension overhaul🔧 in September, but was suffering from 3⃣ technical faults in July. Officials said that they were not minor issues⚠ & no aircraft was ever cleared✅ to fly without it being declared airworthy👍. However, the twin-turboprop AN-32 fleet hasn’t been serviced🔧 or maintained well & has delays in overhauls🛠. There is also a shortage of spares⚙, resulting in a high AOG (aircraft on ground) situation. There are 101🛩 AN-32 aircraft inducted from the former Soviet Union between 1984 to 1991. 40🛩 were re-equipped in Ukraine & 61🛩 are undergoing an overhaul🛠 at a repair depot in Kanpur. The planes🛩 were to ‘expire’ between 2009 & 2012😯 & were meant to be replaced by a proposed plan for an 🇮🇳Indo-🇷🇺Russian aircraft✈. However, the plan seemed to be too expensive💰 & has been scrapped❌.

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