Mou👔 Aiming🎯 for the EPL Title🏆

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By Shadowfax🐎

New Manchester United♦ coach Jose Mourinho has revealed that the owners and the board at Old Trafford🏟 have not demanded trophies🏆 from him but that is going to be his aim from the very first season. He said🔈, "The message from the owners and Mr Woodward was this - ‘Get your three years, do your work, improve the team and bring us back where we belong during a three-year period." But typical of the man😏, Mourinho replied😉, "My message was that I wanted to win the title in the first season."

He also appeared to take a dig😅 at Louis van Gaal with this particular quote💬 - "I want to be champion. To say before the season starts that the top four is the target? The top four is not the target. We want to play to be champions." This can be interpreted as a sly dig😄 at LvG who had always maintained that top-4 was the target.

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