Rio Medal🏅 Ceremonies be of 3⃣ Varieties😅

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By Shadowfax🐎

Tired of the same boring medal ceremonies for all sports❓ Not anymore😯. The spectators will get to enjoy 3⃣ different varieties of medal ceremonies🏅 in the upcoming Rio Olympics. According to Christy Nicolay👔, the executive producer of sport presentations, for the first time ever there's going to be 3 different types of ceremonies based on each sport👌.

For traditional sports like equestrian and fencing⚔, the ceremony will be more formal with the music and uniforms of presenters having a classical touch🎵. But for popular sports like basketball🏀 or football, the music will be pop🎤 and the presenters will wear jackets with orange swipes👏. Meanwhile for 'cool' sports like BMX, mountain biking or beach volleyball😎, the music will be Brazilian funk music with presenters having their sleeves rolled up😅.

Now, that's one way to mix things up.

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