GoT⚔ Cast & Crew at Comic-Con‼

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Few members of the cast & crew including show-runners🎬 David Benioff & D.B. Weiss of Game of Thrones⚔ were present at Comic-Con. Actor Kristian Nairn was greeted warmly👏 by the crowd with shouts🗣 of 'Hold the Door'. The actor who played Hodor in the show📺 said he was overwhelmed😃 by the response his character got from the audience. Benioff revealed that Sophie Turner⭐ forced everyone to have shots😂 which she vehemently refused. The audience asked Turner which one of Sansa💃 and Snow👻 was better suited for the Iron Throne👑. She felt that Sansa had the smarts💡 and experience that Snow lacked and after a little thought, she said, "Whatever, Jon!"😄
She also said that the death🐶 of Ramsay Bolton was her favourite scene🎉 of the season.
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