🌃Mumbai Pokémon🔴 Event Cancelled🚫

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By Fråst🐺

Pokémon🔴 Go is the biggest Augmented Reality👓 (AR) game of the year, having gained popularity like wildfire🔥. The game has gained a hefty amount of supporters in 🌃Mumbai, even though it hasn’t been officially launched🚀 in 🇮🇳India. Players recently held the city’s biggest Pokémon🔴 Go event but it had to be 🚫cancelled as a location was unavailable, disappointing almost 7,000 players👥. In spite of this, around 500 fans😻 showed up at Marine Drive, 🌃Mumbai for the event. They initially decided to meet at Azad Maidan, considering the sheer amount of people, but the 👮🏼police refused❌ them permission. However, a senior officer said🔉, “Police is not denying him permission to hold a meet but Azad Maidan is a location dedicated only for protests. If he chooses another venue, we are ready to grant permission according to due process.”

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