Munich🇩🇪 Killings Planned for a Year😔

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By Fråst🐺

German🇩🇪 authorities disclosed that the 18-year-old gunman👦🏻 who killed 9⃣ in Munich🏙 on Friday was planning the attack for a year😳. They identified the attacker as David Ali Sonboly, who committed suicide🔫 after the attack. He had a Glock pistol🔫 which 👮🏼police believe he acquired over the darknet. Meanwhile, his friend, Aghan, 16, has been investigated for not reporting📞 Sonboly’s plans & for being a “tacit accomplice”. However, Aghan did report to the 👮🏼police immediately after the shooting on Friday, but the 👮🏼police found discrepancies🤔 in his statements🔉.
Sonboly had put up a 👤Facebook post & invited people to come to a McDonald’s🍔 restaurant & cinema complex as a lure to get maximum hits🔫 for the shooting. Aghan will be investigated to see the extent he was responsible for the posts. Of the people 💐dead there were 2⃣ Turks🇹🇷, 2⃣ Germans🇩🇪, 1⃣ Hungarian, 1⃣ Greek🇬🇷, & 1⃣ Kosovan.

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