Olympic Village🏢: 'Unlivable' for Athletes😮

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Officials are appalled😱 at the state of the athletes village🏢 in Rio and have deemed it 'unlivable'. Major plumbing🚿 and electrical🔌 hazards like blocked toilets, exposed wiring, no lighting installations😮 have been reported. Athletes are relocating to hotels🏨 till the problems are fixed. The Australian Hockey team🏑 coach decided that no team member can live in the allotted building and has raised🗣 complaints to the Olympic Committee. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes👔 hit back at the criticism of the Australian athletes stating," This village is better than Sydney in 2000 Olympics. We want everyone to feel at home here. I almost feel like putting a kangaroo in front of their building to make them feel at home." 😑
Teams from New Zealand🇳🇿, Italy🇮🇹, Great Britain🇬🇧 & USA🇺🇸 have complained about the accommodation as well.

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