Rape Victim😔 Allowed to Abort❌ Foetus☹

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By Fråst🐺

On Thursday, the 🏤Supreme Court (SC) allowed a rape victim🙁 to undergo an abortion❌ after her 24-week-old foetus showed signs of abnormality & was endangering her life⚠. The Centre said that the 20-week limit on abortion❌ isn’t applicable if the woman’s life is in danger⚠. A confidential medical report📄 which was read by the bench stated that the pregnancy would involve “grave danger”🚨 to the woman who was simply identified as ‘Ms. X’👤. The report was filed by a team of 👷doctors at the K.E.M. Hospital🏨. “If the mother is in danger, there is no time limit for conducting an abortion. If you have to save life, you need to cross the limit of 20 weeks,”🔉 Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi submitted.

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