🇬🇧Royal👑 Family Won’t be at 🇧🇷Rio

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By Fråst🐺

👑Prince William, his wife, 🐱Kate & 👑Prince Harry will miss next month’s 🇧🇷Rio Games as they have decided not❌ to travel to 🇧🇷Brazil. Initially, it was believed that at least one of the 👪family would attend. It is possible that the Family are apprehensive😕 of the threat of the Zika👾 virus. However, the Royal Family have denied❌ that Zika is the reason for their inability to attend the Games🏋. Princess Charlene👑 of 🇲🇨Monaco has also decided not❌ to attend the Games due to the virus👾. Her husband, Prince Albert👑 said that she had🔉 “important health concerns,” & added that 🔉“she doesn’t like what she’s been reading & hearing about the Zika virus.” Charlene, who represented South 🌍Africa at the 2000 Sydney 🏋Olympics, is an Olympian & so is 👑Prince Albert.

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