👳🏽Sidhu Explains🗯 Why He Quit RS🏤📹: https://goo.gl/cA3fVc

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Last week cricketer🏏 turned politician👔 Navjot Singh 👳🏽Sidhu 📢announced that he was resigning from the Rajya Sabha, just 2⃣ months after being elected into it🤔. He finally explained his controversial move. 👳🏽Sidhu said🔉, “I've always wanted to serve Punjab & Amritsar. That's all.” But 👳🏽Sidhu then said that he was being told by the ✌Modi Govt. to back out of Punjab. 👳🏽Sidhu said🔉, “No party in the world is bigger than Punjab. Punjab is my home & I cannot leave my home.” 👳🏽Sidhu also said🔉, “What was my fault? Will someone tell me? … People voted for me on four occasions & I will show them the respect they deserve.” However, 👳🏽Sidhu remained silent🔇 regarding a possible move to the AAP.
Watch his commentary🗯 here📹: https://goo.gl/cA3fVc

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