Someone👤 Didn’t Get 🤓SRK’s Joke

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood / India News

By Fråst🐺

🤓SRK recently gave a speech during the book📕 launch🚀 'She Walks, She Leads' by Gunjan Jain when he made a tiny controversial statement. When he thanked the author during his speech🗣, she stood up when he mentioned her name. 🤓SRK candidly said🔉, “Please sit! This may be politically incorrect, but actually, when I speak to a woman, I’d like her to be lying down.” However, noticing the large media presence🎥🎤, he then said that his statement might get him into trouble. However, everyone in the audience began to laugh😂. However, it looks like someone didn’t get the joke.
Lawyer⚖ & activist Abha Singh wrote💬, “Attending a book launch in Taj where SRK said something derogatory about women. Hope media takes it up.” Well, sad to say, the media🎤 have taken it up, but I guess 🤓SRK isn’t surprised at all.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS