🇰🇷South Korea Crazy😍 Over Pokémon🔴

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By Fråst🐺

Near Sokcho, 🇰🇷South Korea, which is just 20 miles from crazy 🇰🇵North Korea Pokémon🔴 Go seems to be catching up. But the game🤔 isn’t even available in 🇰🇷South Korea. The area is the only place in 🇰🇷South Korea where you can play the game due to a technical📡 issue where the north-eastern tip of 🇰🇷South Korea is just outside the index grids🗺 used by developers to block the game. Thousands of 🇰🇷South Koreans are taking advantage of it & have flocked close to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) to play the game. There are even special Pokémon🔴 Go buses to go to the area which have seats💺 that sell out in advance😯. "Our residents are very happy & thankful we can play this here because it's the only region in 🇰🇷South Korea,"🔉 says Mayor Lee. "I think we are blessed." That’s right, people👥. Things have gotten officially weird😐.

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