Vengsarkar⭐ Lashes 👊Out at Lodha Reforms⚖

Several 🇮🇳BCCI officials👔 have shown their disappointment😞 towards the recommendations put forward by the ⚖Lodha panel. Recently, former cricketer🏏 and Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Vice-President👔 Dilip Vengsarkar has lashed👊 out at the new rules. He said🔈, "If you apply the reforms retrospectively , almost 99% of the administrators in India won't be eligible to continue in the office, and they'd have to be replaced. So, there won't be any continuity , which is a grave issue." He further criticised😡 the one state one vote rule and claimed that reducing⬇ MCA to an 😳associate member of the Board is completely unacceptable😔.

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