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+234...5⃣how do you know if someone loves you
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Dear All,

You all ask an excellent question. Here are my tips to know if you've met your soul mate:

1⃣🚫🔎You're no longer wondering🔎 if there's somebody better out there for you.

2⃣😍You don't flirt with anybody else and are interested only in charming your partner.

3⃣😀You do things to give your partner happiness, without expecting 🔁 something in return.

4⃣🔐You trust each other completely. Enough to open up and be your real self👍.

5⃣👬You work well together in all aspects of life. And look for fair compromise.

6⃣❤️You accept your partner as they are, and encourage their progress. They do the same for you.

7⃣😍You're past the honeymoon period in your relationship, but your love grows deeper. You've overcome difficult situations together.

8⃣😂You make each other laugh often and are not afraid to be silly together. You don't need to hide your oddities.

9⃣👴👵You smile at the thought of growing old together.

🔟☀️You feel grateful and blessed every day.

If you have more than 7️⃣of these down, then I think it's pretty safe to assume you've found your soul mate.


Duta Didi

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