Hacker👓 Reveals Vine’s Source😯 Code

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

🐦Twitter’s video-clip📹💬 sharing site, Vine, was ‘ethically’ hacked🔪 recently where the 👓hacker revealed how Vine’s entire source code🔢 could be easily downloadable⬇. The 👓hacker, known by the name 'avicoder,' was looking for security weaknesses & explained the entire flaw in his💬 blogpost. He said that he gained access to it using the site’s Docker image which was publicly👥 available. Using the image, he was able to run the service on his computer💻. He wrote💬, “I was able to see the entire source code of vine, its API keys & third party keys & secrets. Even running the image without any parameter, was letting me host a replica of VINE locally.” Avicoder👓 has been rewarded a bounty of 💲10,080 💰for his services.

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