✌Modi- Mukherjee Bonding👬 Time

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PM ✌Modi said that it was President Pranab Mukherjee👔 who helped him understand 🌆Delhi when he became PM. During a function on Monday to celebrate Mukherjee’s 4⃣th year in office. ✌Modi said that Mukherjee was like a mentor🙏 to him & was fortunate to be PM during the president’s time in office. ✌Modi said🔉, “The biggest point of my happiness is that my political background is different, his is different. But in a democracy, people brought up in different political ideologies too can work shoulder to shoulder, this I can feel every moment I work with him.” Mukherjee said🔉. “All my life, I have been a Congressman. My background was different from his political background, but there is a constitutional responsibility of Indian President, not only me, all 13 Presidents. India is a country where transfer of power from individual to individual, party to party has never caused any problem.”👏

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