💪Salman's Friend & Ex Unhappy😠 with Iulia⁉

  |   India News / Salman Khan / Bollywood

Not everyone is happy about 💪Salman Khan considering marriage💍. His ex-girlfriend Sangeetha Bijlani💃 & close friend Daisy Shah don't seem to get along😒 with Salman's girlfriend Iulia Vântur. Iulia had ‘banned’🚫 Daisy in Galaxy apartment🏢 as she was not comfortable with the ‘Jai Ho’ actress getting close with Salman & also raised☝ objection on Sangeeta’s repeated calls📱 to Salman irrespective of time reportedly😶.
So there are rumours👂 that the two of them have teamed🙌 up to 'brainwash' Salman.
Salman's family on the other hand, get along with Iulia very well😌 and want the two of them to tie the knot.

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