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Every day I get questions from you that leave me wondering how to answer them. I thought I'd list some of them here😀:

+234...0⃣ why was i born in nigeria
🤔Er..why is the sky blue?

+234...9⃣ meaning of names
🤔 Ask your parents 😂

+263...4⃣ what is soccer
⚽️Soccer is the American word for football. Unfortunately their Football barely involves the feet😂

+233...4⃣ is a human being and nt a takes a long time before a question is replied
✅Correct 🤓

+234...8⃣ the first country in the world in alphabetical order
🇦🇫 Afghanistan

+263...0⃣ what is holy spirit
✝️Part of the Holy Trinity

+233...6⃣ you are foolish
😂 Yes, foolish and proud of it❗️

+233...9⃣ answer my question
😂my question

+233...9⃣ i'm in love with myself. what should i do?
😃That's a great thing. Always be in love with yourself.

+263...7⃣ love tips
💓I send love tips every day. Hope you're enjoying them.

+233...9⃣ how do i kill a chicken?
🍒Buddy, you're on your own for that one. I'm a vegetarian😂

91...5⃣ whats ur size
👠My shoe size is EU 38. You can mail me a pretty pair to Duta's head office😂

+233...4⃣ how can i make u shut up
😅Fortunately you can't make me shut up. But if you don't want to hear from me, you can type -didi

Love you all!

Duta Didi

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