Trans-Pacific Partnership: Where does Hillary Stand?

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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, longtime friend to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, got crosswise with another powerful Clinton friend when he suggested Tuesday that Hillary Clinton might revert to her previous support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership once in office. "Love Gov. McAuliffe, but he got this one flat wrong. Hillary opposes TPP BEFORE and AFTER the election. Period. Full stop," Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said on Twitter. At issue were McAuliffe's comments in an interview on the sidelines of his speech to the Democratic convention Tuesday night. He had warm praise in that speech for Hillary Clinton as a friend "for more than half my life." But right after that, he told Politico that he thinks Clinton would back a revamped version of the trade deal in office. President Obama's signature Asia-Pacific deal has become political poison this cycle, and Clinton reversed her earlier support for it last year.

From The Washington Post: