🇺🇸Hillary👩 Creates👏 History✨

  |   India News

Hillary Clinton👩 became the first woman to run for the 🏛White House on Tuesday night when she ✌won the🇺🇸 Democratic party nomination. Hillary's Democratic rival Bernie Sanders👴 made the official announcement📢 as delegated erupted🎉 in joy. “I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States,” declared🔈 Sanders. Though she has finally managed to👍 win the nomination, her long political career as the secretary of state, senator💪 and first lady could be an issue💥 as voters have doubts🤔 about her character and trustworthiness🙏.
Former 🇺🇸President and Hillary's husband Bill Clinton👨 also delivered a personal validation👌 for his wife on the 2⃣nd day of the Democratic 🎙convention. Though it is common😒 for former presidents to vouch for candidates, it is the😳 first time a candidate is also a spouse💍.

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