📽Mohenja Daro Star💃 Down with Dengue😟

  |   Hrithik Roshan / Bollywood

Pooja Hegde💃 who will be making her Bollywood debut in 🎬Ashutosh Gowariker's 📽'Mohenjo Daro' is suffering dengue😟. So, she will not be able to take part in any promotional activities. Earlier Hrithik Roshan⭐ had sung praises👏 of his co-star recalling the first time he met😍 her. 🔈"The first time I met Pooja was at a photo session where we interacted professionally. And in the shoot we had to look into each others eyes and create a romantic moment for Ashutosh’s camera and I was taken aback. The kind of courage and kind of purity of just being in case of Pooja was something that struck me. And at that moment I knew for a fact that Pooja is very special, a rare talent and a beautiful person who will go a long way in the industry, ” said Hrithik.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/ITX9m9