Neymar⚡: I Play for Messi🌟

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Barcelona🔷 forward Neymar⭐ has claimed that he enjoys playing⚽ second fiddle to Messi🌟. He explained that nobody can deny❌ that Barca are dependent🤔on Messi because he is the best👌 player in the world🌏. "We have great players but will we deny we are dependent on Messi? Of course, we depend [on Messi]. I'm not ashamed of playing for him or for the fact that he is the man. Messi is the best in the world, I want to depend on him," he 🔈said.
Neymar will find😕 himself in a similar situation when the 🏅Olympics gets underway. Brazil have never ✌won an Olympic gold✨ and hopes are high on them this time since the Games👍 will be played on their home turf🎉.

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